ETHDenver 2019

[linkstandalone] ETHDenver 2019

I was able to travel and attend this years ETHDenver again! While I arrived to the party late; I did get to spend most of the weekend at the event, albeit minus a team this year. This mean’t that I wan’t really able to finish a project this time around, but I certainly had a great experience! I would say that they outdid themselves compared to the previous year. There were even more people in attendence than before! With an expanded area for hackers to work and roam about.

This year the keynote speaker of the event was the legendary author of Mastering Bitcoin and Mastering Ethereum; Andreas M. Antonopoulos. Great speaker, and a very interesting guy. Once again, I don’t feel very deeply immeresed in what is going on with the blockchain tech companies. There were many companies present which I had never heard of before. (Set, Blocknative, etc). Still have to do some research to find out what all there products are..

Overall, would still recommend the event for newcomers to attend and see what this tech is all about! Cheers to the Colorado Blockchain community!

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