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[linkstandalone] What's New

I’m feeling pretty good about where I am at with the state of my projects right now. The blog migration is complete. It feels much more maintainable now. I am disappointed that my desktop migration to OpenBSD did not go as planned. Unfortunately, the NFS implementation did not cooperate with me. Maybe I can revisit the OS as desktop replacement again in the future. It’s a shame since everything else was set up just the way I liked it. Linux does the job OK for now. Maybe I’ll give Funtoo a shot.

The ol' TODO list is looking slimmer each day. It was starting to look unweildy near the beginning of the year. I’ve knocked out a few of the projects I wanted to work on this year. One of the more practical ones was pecm. I hope there are some other OpenBSD users out there that can make some use from this tool. I’ll be going into my summer hackathon here this weekend, so I’ll get to give some more attention to blink1d. I hope to make it cleaner and more portable. I will also spend some time working through the classic MIT text ‘Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs’.

The goal with working through the book is to get together with some friends and help each other out. I’ve programmed some Scheme a few years ago and I had fun with it. Hopefully this will be the in depth time I need with Scheme to really wrap my head around it. I suspect there will be some posts going into more of what I learned from the experience.